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About Us

Paul and Nancy are the founders and directors of the Esther Arise Movement.

Paul and Nancy Knopp met at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Paul is from Virginia and Nancy is from Ontario, Canada. They have both been in leadership with local churches, movements, campuses, and praying communities for over 20 years.

Paul and Nancy are called to raise up the body of Christ who will stand as watchmen and watch-women on the wall of intercession and be voices in the nations for righteousness and truth. The desire of the Lord's heart for the body of Christ to be released and be set free from bondage in this hour is critical to the fullness of what God is doing in the earth and how He is making His bride ready for the return of Jesus.

Nancy is the author of Activating Esthers Bible study, which empowers and releases women to be activated in their callings and purposes for such a time as this.

Paul and Nancy love the word of God, worship, coffee dates, biking, and their family. They reside in Raleigh, North Carolina, and have two sons.

Our Mission

It is our desire to equip and activate you to know who you are in your identity as a daughter, to see you

rise in your calling as the Bride of Jesus Christ, by taking action to fulfill your promises and dreams.


This is the hour that women are RISING UP to do what they were created and called to do for such a time as this. They are rising up to be queens, prepared as a pure and spotless bride ready for their bridegroom, Jesus Christ’s return. They are rising up from the wilderness leaning on Him. They are rising to be a voice in this hour. They are rising up out of shame, defeat, and fear to step into the fullness of their destinies. This is the hour to come out of hiding to rise and shine.


Esthers are ACTIVATED to overcome every obstacle! They pass the tests, persevere, and are set free, healed, and delivered. They prepare in the wilderness seasons, and spend time with Jesus in the secret place of prayer and intercession. Esthers cry and intercede together in the courtroom of heaven for the greatest harvest we have ever seen. They expose wickedness and are a voice for righteousness. This includes being a voice for children, the vulnerable, and the unborn. Esthers will open their mouth and expose deception in the nations.


Esthers are women who take ACTION laying down their life for Jesus in sharing the gospel and saving a people group. Esthers voluntarily and willingly obey Jesus and love him wholeheartedly. Esthers take ACTION even when faced with loss or death. They do not shrink back. They will boldly stand for righteousness and justice. Esthers birth God’s promises and dreams.

Meet The Team

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