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As revival increases so abortion will end.

Updated: Feb 24, 2021


I almost shook out of my bed after a dream I had years ago because the presence of God came over me in the most intense way that I had not felt before.

We were in a stadium gathering and I was hearing this word in my heart while walking from the crowd and suddenly I was standing on stage. As I walked from the crowd, I was saying in my spirit with the Lord speaking to me from Isaiah 66:7-9 "Before she was in labor she gave birth, does God bring you to the moment of birth and not cause delivery”. And then the scene shifted, I heard the Lord speaking while standing on stage. "Not by might or power but by the spirit of the Lord". Zechariah 4: 6. And in the dream Lou Engle a prophet in the United States that stood for the end of abortion for over 30 years hands me a mic on stage in front of thousands and thousands of people and I hear “speak this word” really loud. Then I hear the Lord say "AS REVIVAL INCREASES, SO ABORTION WILL END". And I woke up shaking with the presence of the Lord. God is preparing the bride of Christ for the greatest revival we have ever seen. And part of that revival equals the ending of abortion.

I believe with my whole heart that REVIVAL equals REPENTANCE, and that REPENTANCE equals CHANGE.

We must NOW partner with him for the greatest revival in the earth and the ending of abortion. We are at a turning point, a reset time, we get to choose what we will do.

Because of the Holy Spirit who is within us, we can declare that in a moment things can turn around surpernaturally. God is giving us a promise about revival and the ending of abortion. I believe many promises are coming to pass in the midst of the greatest revival that we have ever seen before.

In accordance with the dream I believe that Zechariah 4:6 is saying this revival and the ending of abortion will “not be by power or might but by the Spirit of the Lord” So right now we are praying for the Spirit of God to move among us. Right now we are praying for a fresh encounter of God’s presence.

God is saying AS REVIVAL INCREASES SO ABORTION WILL END. Do you believe it!? I am coming into agreement with the Lords heart for His people.

We get to partner with the Father God in this decree by praying on behalf of the nations. “Lord, I plead Your blood over my sins and the sins of this nation. God end abortion and send revival to the nation”.


I am praying for a true repentant heart in the church of Jesus Christ.

I am praying that as God said it I trust that He will do it!

I am praying that you will join me in praying for the ending of abortion and for a true spirit filled revival (a turning back to Jesus Christ with repentant hearts)

Luke 18:7 says “And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?” ‭‭

Let’s cry out to Him for the ending of abortion. Will you join us?

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