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Calling all mothers and grandmothers to pray

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Your prayers are of greatest importance!

Had a dream recently that I was prophesying over a prophet in the nation of America and I said “your mother prayed for your calling that is why you are here now”. And I knew that his mother’s prayers made the biggest impact on his destiny but he didn’t know it.

In the dream I was saying the reason most mothers and grandmothers are not in the prayer room is because of fatigue.

And that this is a tactic of the enemy to lull them to sleep!


God is declaring over mothers and grandmothers that your prayers are of GREATEST IMPORTANCE in this hour!

It is time to GET ON THE WALL!

Mothers you don’t know the destiny you are praying for in your children and grandchildren!

For many mothers and grandmothers have children and grandchildren that are called to be a VOICE in this hour!

Calling all mothers and grandmothers to WAKE UP and PRAY!

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