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Overcome and birth God’s promises

Updated: Feb 24, 2021


Many women have been fighting for their lives, fighting for their destinies, and looking to the Lord for their breakthrough.

The time is now!

The Father is keeping His promises to His daughters.

He is faithful to the end, and His words are true

the promise of overcoming

the promise of restoration of what was lost

the promise of healing taking place and captives being set free

the promise of answered prayer,

the promise of a revival among women

I had a dream in 2017 where I was declaring “ Esther fasted and prayed to change a nation” and I hear the Lord audibly speak back to me “ you are an Esther and you will change a nation”

In the same way, the Lord is saying to His daughters in this hour, “You are an Esther and you will change a nation!”

Daughters of the Father: Together, will you rise? Together, we will rise!

The Father knows that you have been called for such a time as this.

The Lord is inviting all women to rise up, overcome, and say yes to Jesus at all costs.

Esthers Arise!

Nancy Knopp

#riseagain #esthersarise

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