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You Have Joined The

Esthers Arise Movement!


Welcome! We are excited you have joined Esthers Arise!  There is so much happening within the Esthers movement that I want you to be aware of....


First, the Esthers Arise movement is meant to activate you to rise and shine in your calling and what you are called to do in this hour. This is so important. 


Second, there are steps and processes that Esther had to take to prepare herself to be a QUEEN. 


What was her preparation?

How did she arrive in this moment and time in history?

What did she have to overcome?  

In the new book that you just ordered, you can follow  on this same journey as Esther did, by studying the book of Esther, while examining your own life and destiny!  


You don’t want to sit on the sidelines.  Our desire is to activate you to take action too. We want to simplify this for you giving you real life examples of what this looks like for you in your personal life.  


Third,  we'd love to have you join our private facebook group where you will meet many other amazing like minded women from around the nations.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Esthers Arise Logo.jpeg

If you have been blessed by this ministry, feel free to support us.  


There are regular Esthers Arise events and gatherings that you can join us in person. So please register for the next upcoming gathering. We love to have you pray with us and fellowship together. 


Thank you!


Sincerely with love,


Nancy Knopp

If you feel led to donate, click the link below, all donations will go to the work and service of the ministry. Thank you!

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